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A Celebration of Golf, Community, and Star Power

The Portsea Pro-Am, the highlight of the club’s summer calendar, once again delivered an unforgettable experience that brought together golf enthusiasts, local community members, and celebrities from various walks of life.

The tournament began with a lively Welcome Drinks reception at The Continental Sorrento, setting the stage for a wonderful day of golf the next morning. As the competition got underway, the course came alive with the buzz of spectators and the impressive displays of skill from both professionals and amateurs.

Despite the occasional threat of inclement weather, including a storm cell that was watched very closely by club officials, the event carried on smoothly, thanks to the dedication of the organisers and volunteers. With the absence of ropes, and the ease of movement around the course, the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, allowing attendees to interact closely with the players and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Portsea ProAm 2024 – Event Video

One of the most memorable moments of the day came when Andy Lee sank a 25-foot putt on the ‘party hole’, eliciting a roar of applause, and a few spilled drinks, from the onlooking crowd. This moment perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the event, which was characterised by a positive vibe and a sense of community.

Attendees, including families, had the opportunity to engage with celebrity participants, such as AFL stars Max Gawn and Christian Petracca, creating lasting memories and further strengthening the connection between the club and its supporters.

As the tournament reached its conclusion, New South Welshman Darcy Boyd emerged victorious in the professional category, while Dan Houston claimed the amateur title. Their impressive performances added to the excitement of the day and showcased the high level of competition that the Portsea Pro-Am attracts.

Portsea ProAm 2024 – Gallery

The event’s success extended beyond the golf course, with the clubhouse transforming into a celebration featuring one of the country’s best cover bands. Guests danced the night away, capping off an unforgettable day that celebrated the love of golf, the importance of community, and the star power that the Portsea Pro-Am brings together.

In the words of winner Darcy Boyd, “I have played numerous events on the Adidas Pro-Am Series this year, including all of the major ones, and I can safely say that the event was second to none.”

The Portsea Pro-Am continues to set the standard for golf events that combine sport, community, and entertainment. As the club looks ahead to future iterations of the tournament, it can take pride in knowing that it has created an event that resonates with golfers and non-golfers alike, leaving a lasting impact on all those who attend.