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Golf At Portsea

Portsea Golf Club offers a pure coastal links experience

A Coastal Links Experience

Shaped more by nature than any modern machinery, Portsea Golf Club has traversed dramatic sand dunes and Moonah forests since 1926. Wind, dunes, and coastal views dictate the experience – a sense of harmonious wilderness despite being just 90 minutes from Melbourne.

Now, after careful consultation and planning, acclaimed golf architects OCM have begun thoughtfully upgrading certain holes to accentuate shot options and strategy. Muscular fairways have been widened, bunkers reshaped and greens re-contoured to facilitate imagination and the ground game. Yet the natural charm and integrity of the land has been enhanced to heighten the delightful quirks that have defined Portsea for generations.

Portsea Golf Course – The Breakdown

1st Hole

Blue Tee: 308m
Red Tee: 284m
The Moonah

Named after the beautiful Moonah Tree at the bottom of the Hill. The 1st hole is gentle opener requiring a solid tee shot to the top of the hill, the difficulty of the hole is judging the severity of the uphill second shot protected by 3 bunkers around a steeply raised green.

2nd Hole

Blue Tee: 151m
Red Tee: 121m
The Bowl

A hole that gives everyone a chance at birdie with shots long, short, left and right all feeding towards the green and hole, missing the wide landing area can lead to a big score.

3rd Hole

Blue Tee: 436m
Red Tee: 380m

A spectacular view awaits the tee shot with the city visible on a clear day, a tough tee shot with big bunkers on the right and the Point Nepean National Park to the left. Don’t be fooled by the length of the hole as the approach plays dramatically up hill.

4th Hole

Blue Tee: 395m
Red Tee: 376m
Jack Howard

Despite the wide fairway on offer this is one of the most demanding tee shots at Portsea, a slight left to right hole protected by 2 bunkers on the near side. A hard to hit firm green, with any ball short right backing up substantially.

5th Hole

Blue Tee: 314m
Red Tee: 288m

The ridge that runs across the hole is the main hazard for the 5th with many balls getting caught in the moguls, leaving your ball in the appropriate spot will make the approach much easier so make sure you sneak a look at the pin as you walk by on the 4th.

6th Hole

Blue Tee: 330m
Red Tee: 308m

A wide fairway from a bird’s eye view, this tee shot is deceptively difficult due to its blind nature. 175m will get you down the hill, with further shots bringing in more trouble but providing an easier shot to the green, the steep uphill approach means this is one of the hardest greens to hit, with balls regularly coming off the false front or bouncing out the back. The first of our blind tee shot bells is on the left of this hole.

7th Hole

Blue Tee: 169m
Red Tee: 150m
Glory Box

A chance at “Glory” with the clubhouse in the background, this par 3 is the stiffest test of them often playing into the wind. Requiring a shot that carries the ball the entire way to the green, balls that land short often roll back asking for a pitch up to the green, the green is also well protected with bunkers left, right and long of the green.

8th Hole

Blue Tee: 484m
Red Tee: 465m
The Castle Home

The longest hole at Portsea that can be made shorter or longer depending on the tee shot, take on the hill on the right to ensure you maximise your tee shot. Be mindful of a narrow firm green best approached from the right with balls often bouncing through the green.

9th Hole

Blue Tee: 338m
Red Tee: 303m
Sloan Morpeth

A tee shot of about 200 metres will be rewarded by catching a slope down to a collection area, a tee shot played further right will provide the best angle into the green, and make sure you club up when playing your approach as the usual miss is short on this hole.

10th Hole

Blue Tee: 256m
Red Tee: 214m
Little Devil

Aptly named, this tempting hole can produce scores from 2 to more than 10, those willing to take on the exposed green beware there is no good miss, the lay up isn’t easy with only a small shelf able to hold the ball, a tee shot shaped left to right and played 60 metres from the front of the green will give players the best chance to hold the fairway.

11th Hole

Blue Tee: 447m
Red Tee: 395m

A demanding tee shot with a fairway that cambers hard right to left, just missing the fairway bunker is the optimal drive, a blind second shot requires players to aim a little further left than you think, otherwise London Bridge Road can come into play.

12th Hole

Blue Tee: 372m
Red Tee: 330m
The Emerald

Getting the ball over the hill is the priority with a wide fairway, dealing with the uneven lie the only issue, a risky drive played further down the fairway brings the trouble into play, but gives the player a shorter approach from a flat lie. Players can choose to use the slopes on the left to get this ball on the green, and short shots can roll back to player’s feet.

13th Hole

Blue Tee: 151m
Red Tee: 118m

A great strategic green that angles from front left to back right with an opening on the left, it’s a much easier bunker shot from the front bunkers than the back ones, but tempting fate by using the back slopes of the green can get the ball close to any pin location.

14th Hole

Blue Tee: 407m
Red Tee: 330m

A blind tee shot best aimed at the edge of the clubhouse will get you in play and reveal a long downhill second to an amphitheatre green, you’ll always have plenty of options approaching the green whether it be high low or using the back stops.

15th Hole

Blue Tee: 267m
Red Tee: 237m
The Cutting

A short hole which provides a daunting tee shot. Right to left tee shots will struggle to hold the fairway which moves right, a tough green with a large false front, first time players generally attempt to hit the green with the tee shot, only to lay up the second time they play the hole.

16th Hole

Blue Tee: 158m
Red Tee: 132m

A mid length downhill par 3, any shot that hits the green is a great result as short and left approaches can run well away from the green, players should aim to carry the bunker on the right side of the green for the best result.

17th Hole

Blue Tee: 365m
Red Tee: 336m
London Bridge

he safe tee shot is a little right over the flat spot on the hill, however a tee shot left of centre is ideal and will gain extra distance making an easier shot in, bailing out right on the second can often result in one of the hardest chips at Portsea.

18th Hole

Blue Tee: 399m
Red Tee: 311m
Twice Blind

A blind tee shot over a hill will be assisted by significant roll with the right edge of the old water tank being the ideal line. Balls played further right will be assisted by more run but are closer to the trouble. A tough blind second is made harder as balls over the right of the bunker bounce right and those left bounce left.

Simple Scorecard Table

Front Nine

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Blue Tees 308 151 436 395 314 330 169 484 338 2925
Red Tees 284 121 380 376 288 308 150 465 303 2675
Par 4 3 5 4* 4 4 3 5 4 36/37

Back Nine

Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total 
Blue Tees 256 447 372 151 407 267 158 365 399 2822 5747
Red Tees 214 395 330 118 330 237 132 336 311 2403 5078
Par 4 5 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 35 71/72


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